Dr David Rose 

Director of Reading to Learn, University of Sydney, Australia 

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Dr David Rose is the director of Reading to Learn, an international literacy program that trains teachers across school and university sectors in Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America (www.readingtolearn.com.au). Dr Rose is an Associate of the School of Letters, Arts & Media at the University of Sydney. In addition to literacy and teacher education, his research interests include language and cultural contexts and language evolution. His work has been particularly concerned with Indigenous Australian communities, languages and education programs. He is the author of The Western Desert Code: an Australian cryptogrammar. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2001, Working with Discourse: meaning beyond the clause (with J.R. Martin). London: Continuum, 2003/2007 and Genre Relations: mapping culture (with J.R. Martin). London: Equinox, 2008 and Learning to Write, Reading to Learn: Genre, knowledge and pedagogy, (also with J.R. Martin) London: Equinox, 2012.