Professor James R. Martin, 

University of Sydney, Australia

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J R Martin is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sydney.  His research interests include systemic theory, functional grammar, discourse semantics, register, genre, multimodality and critical discourse analysis, focusing on English and Tagálog - with special reference to the transdisciplinary fields of educational linguistics, forensic linguistics and social semiotics.  Recent publications include The Language of Evaluation(with Peter White) Palgrave 2005; and with David Rose, a second edition of Working with Discourse(Continuum 2007), a book on genre (Genre Relations: mapping culture, Equinox 2008) and an introduction to the genre-based literacy pedagogy of the ‘Sydney School’ (Learning to Write, Reading to Learn, Equinox 2012), and with Clare Painter and Len Unsworth, a book on children’s picture books (Reading Visual Narratives, Equinox 2012). Eight volumes of his collected papers(edited by Wang Zhenhua, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press) have recently been published in China. Professor Martin was elected a fellow the Australian Academy of the Humanities in 1998, and was Head of its Linguistics Section from 2010-2012; he was awarded a Centenary Medal for his services to Linguistics and Philology in 2003.