Members of the Board

Ann-Christin Lövstedt is a freelance teacher educator and consultant. She is an experienced secondary school leader and language teacher with a specialisation in multicultural education and teaching Swedish as a Second Language. She has produced curriculum materials for language education and worked at teacher training institutions at Mälardalen University and Uppsala University. She is currently focusing on the development of Genre-based pedagogies across the curriculum in schools in Sweden. She leads teacher in-service education courses and conducts school based research into language and literacy development, including Mathematics, in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden. Ann-Christin has also led and administrated International European projects.

Claire Acevedo is an international freelance teacher educator and consultant originally from Australia and now based in London. She currently provides a range of educational services, including teacher professional development, project management and curriculum resource development using multimedia to schools and education sectors across Europe.  She is an experienced in-service teacher educator with a strong background in secondary school teaching and leadership which has been enhanced by experience in primary schools, adult education and the tertiary sector. Prior to taking up residence in the UK, she worked in Australia as a consultant, provider of in-service education and a leader of large-scale education and research projects for an education authority for almost a decade. Her area of interest is literacy education and she has become an expert in using Systemic Functional Linguistics (Halliday) via “Sydney School” Genre pedagogy (Martin & Rothery) to improve reading and writing outcomes for under achieving students in all areas of the school curriculum. She has collaborated with Dr David Rose, University of Sydney, over more than a decade on the latest research into Genre based reading and she specialises in delivering the Reading to Learn™ literacy acceleration program to teachers and teacher educators (

Elizabeth Hartman Pontén is a very dedicated and experienced secondarey teacher. She has worked in different schools and municipalities in Stockholm.  Her most recent experiences are in special needs settings, even though she doesn't label her students as "special needs". Her view is that her students are not failing, it is school that has failed to provide adequate educational support for them. Elizabeth is very engaged in school improvement and issues concerning empowerment and justice for herself and all students.

Goulperin Hersan is a student at the University of Gothenburg. When travelling in different parts of the world, Goulperin witnessed the inequality suffered by different groups of people which aroused her interest and engagement in social justice. She is now studying sociology and gender issues. 

Astrid Hartman is a student at the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga tekniska högskolan, KTH) in Stockholm. Astrid is very engaged in issues concerning justice and equality.

Mikael Gappo works as a secondary teacher. He is a very experienced language teacher (Swedish and Spanish) with a deep commitment  to school improvement, especially in the field of equity. His engagement in the success of his students is widely known and his former students speak warmly about him. Mikael has lived, studied and worked abroad, mainly in Greece and Spain, for many years and he is well aware of the specific difficulties international student face in school.  At the moment Mikael lives and works in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.