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to Reading for Life's Inaugural International Conference Education for Social Justice which will be held in the Grand Auditorium at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden in November 28-29,  2013.

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Conference Theme Description

What does it mean to create equity and democracy in education? Around the world we see growing challenges to economic, social and political equality. In the face of these challenges, teachers and teacher educators in Sweden, Europe and around the world are working to achieve social justice in schools and society, building theories, practices and coalitions.

Reading for Life’s 1st International Conference on Education for Social Justice will offer rare opportunities to discuss cutting-edge research, build innovative networks, and explore possibilities for new directions in educational policies and democratic pedagogies with a diverse group of teachers, teacher educators, academics, school leaders and administrators who share a deep engagement and commitment to equity and social justice in education.

Strand A: 

Teaching and Learning in Democratic Classrooms

This strand will highlight innovative pedagogies that teachers can implement to create democracy and equity in the classrooms. Sessions will describe, analyze, and model instruction which can challenge inequalities and promote every success for all students, so that equity can be achieved in every classroom.

Strand B: 

Educational Policies & Reforms for Equity in Education

Schools can be arenas for the reproduction of inequality or platforms for critiquing and taking action to address inequity.  While educational policies inevitibility promise equity and excellence for all, student learning outcomes rarely attest to the achievement of these aspirations. This strand will explore the disparity between policy aspirations and actual outocmes. 

Invited Keynote Speakers

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