Reading to Learn Summer Course 2017!

 Reading to Learn Intensive Pedagogy Course 

June 14-19, 2017  

(Recommended arrival and departure dates: 13th and 20th of June)

Policoro, Italy

The course has been designed for a Swedish audience and the languages used will be SWedish and English. Course materials will be in both Swedish and English. Participants will be provided with new knowledge about language based on Systemic Functional Linguistics and skills in Reading to Learn pedagogy to engage and accelerate the learning of all students at any stage of schooling in all areas of the curriculum. The functional model of language will also be explored as an effective tool for formative assessment of students’ language and learning.

The program in brief:

Day 1(13th of June) –  Arrival to Policoro

Day 2 (14th of June) – Introduction to the Reading to Learn pedagogy and the Genres of schooling

Provides skills in identifying and analysing texts in any area of the curriculum so participants can select appropriate texts to meet curriculum goals and support student reading and writing across the curriculum.

Day 3 (15th of June)  R2L Pedagogy Level 1: Preparing for Reading, Joint & Individual Construction Uses the knowledge about texts from Day 2 to learn the skills of preparing students before reading and scaffolding students’ writing development through joint construction of texts.

Day 4 (16th of June)  R2L Pedagogy Level 2: Detailed Reading, writing & lesson planning - Factual texts Empowers all students to read challenging texts with complete comprehension, and identify patterns of language that they use to write their own high level academic texts.

Day 5 (17th of June)  R2L Pedagogy Levels 2 & 3: Detailed Reading, Sentence Making, Spelling & Sentence Writing – Fiction texts & Patterns in Sentences
Enables students to read short passages of high level literary and persuasive texts. Guides them to pattern their own writing on the language resources of accomplished authors.

Day 6 (Sunday,18th of June)  Reflection + Cultural visit in Matera, the old UNESCO world heritage city and European Cultural Capital City of 2019.

Day 7 (19th of June) – Patterns in Texts and Assessment of Writing
Develops awareness of a range of linguistic features in texts that can be used for formative assessment of student language and learning to inform future cycles of curriculum planning.

Day 8 (20th of June) – Departure day.

Recommended pre-reading:

English: Rose, D. & J.R. Martin 2012. Learning to Write, Reading to Learn: Genre, knowledge and pedagogy in the Sydney School. London: Equinox or

Swedish: David Rose och J.R. Martin, SKRIVA, LÄSA - LÄRA Learning to Write – Reading to Learn: Genre, kunskap och pedagogic (Beställ

Course fee includes accomodation (7 nights), half board (breakfast and lunch) and course materials. Some cultural/social activities also included: 12 000 SEK (approx €1,200)


Travel to/from Policoro: Participants will be responsible for their own arrangements and expenses. Recommended arrival and departure dates: 13th and 20th of June. Suggestions and further information will be provided on the website and individual enquiries are very welcome.