We can offer:

Project design, tendering, management and evaluation 

International collaboration between researchers and education sectors to:
  • create innovative networks and partnerships for education and research projects;
  • source funding and tender for projects;
  • design school and teacher development projects;
  • lead and implement action research projects; and
  • conduct project evaluation and write reports.

Courses, workshops, seminars and presentations

Courses can be designed to meet both long and short term school and teacher devlopment goals.

Themes and topics can include:
  • how to become a democratic school;
  • language based content instruction in all subjects;
  • scaffolding literacy and learning;
  • "Sydney school" genre pedagogy;
  • a Vygotskyan approach to pedagogy; and
  • development and leadership of Professional Action Learning Teams.

Support & coaching for whole school development

Support and guidance for whole-school improvement can be provided in a number of ways, including:

  • professional development for school leaders; 
  • devlopment of vision and mission for school leaders and staff;
  • developing distributed leadership; and
  • establishing the school as a learning community.

Reading to Learn teacher professional devlopment program

Reading to Learn is one of the world's most powerful literacy programs. It is desig-ned to enable all learners at all levels of education to read and write successfully at levels appropriate to their age, grade and area of study. 

The Reading to Learn strate-gies have been independently evaluated to consistently acce-lerate the learning of all stu-dents at twice to more than four times expected rates, ac-ross all schools and classes, and among students from all backgrounds and ability ran-ges.

Reading to Learn programs are conducted under the aus-pices of Dr David Rose, Uni-versity of Sydney, Australia.

Contact us if for information about starting a Reading to Learn program!